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Looking for a change? We Got You!

We offer custom vinyl wrappings for all types of vehicles. If you have a vision, we can bring that to life. Our expert installers can wrap your car with the latest vinyl technology on the market. We wrap all types of cars and service Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County.


Types of Car Wraps

Prestige Pro Care

GLOSS - A gloss car wrap has a shine-like "normal" paint. It is almost indistinguishable from normal paint. If you are looking for a change, we have hundreds of colors to choose from. This is a great choice for those looking to hang up the factory color of their car. Unlike paint, this is not permanent and can be easily switched or removed. 

SATIN - Is a smooth semi-gloss finish to your car. Often described as "silky or velvety". This finish does not reflect the same amount of light compared to the normal gloss, however it does have a slight shine.

MATTE - This finish provides a distinctive "hazy" look to your vehicle. A Matte car wrap absorbs more light than gloss or satin. 

Custom Wraps. Choose your finish, Gloss, Satin, Matte, and more.

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Hide those shiny chrome parts with any vinyl color.



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